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Even if you are not a resident of West New York, please join us in writing these officials to voice your opposition to a proposed development which worsen an already severe parking crisis, will increase traffic, crowding on public transport, pollution, which sets a dangerous precedent in allowing two hi-rises to be built directly facing one another on Boulevard East- and at it's narrowest point!- and is out of keeping with the look and/or character we want for our communities. Tell the politicians that we want to preserve our light, space, the character of our towns, the ease of commuting we've always enjoyed here due to our proximity to NYC, our views, our slower, easier, quieter lifestyle- a lifestyle that has largely been lost in NYC due to the strangulation of much of the city by hi-rises.

Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez (201) 295-5100
Commissioner Cirillo (201) 295-5024
Commissioner Barrera (201) 295-5200
Commissioner Guzman (201) 295-5270
Commissioner Yoleizy Yanez (201) 295-5200
(a) THE EASIEST- You can email ALL the above at the same time, via the WNY website, at Just check their names from the list, and they will all receive your email....!
(b) Written to c/o The Town of West New York, 428-60th St., West New York, NJ 07093
(c) Called by phone at their numbers which are listed above.