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Parking crisis: Parking everywhere up and down the Palisades has already reached a crisis level with many residents gradually coming to accept- as a fact of life- either receiving parking tickets on a regular basis (as a result of having no alternative but to leave their cars in an illegal spot when no legal ones are available) OR paying in the area of $150-250 per month to rent a private space- if they can find it. Is this the kind of life we want here? It doesn't have to continue this way. This development proposal will exacerbate the existing parking crisis and contribute significantly to local environmental pollution in terms of both vehicle exhaust and noise.

* Factor in the following:

A) Many as 80 additional cars on the streets belonging to the building's own residents.

B) 30 to 40 additional cars per day will be roaming the streets on a daily basis looking for parking as a result of the conversion of the building site itself- presently a service station/parking lot- into a residential hi-rise.

C) Public parking spaces currently abutting the proposed development site on 67th St will be eliminated.

D) How many additional vehicles of persons working in and servicing the hi-rise (cleaning people, food delivery, painters, repair people, etc) will be added to our already severely overcrowded streets on a daily basis?

E) Friends, relatives and guests coming in and out of the building to visit the building's residents on a regular basis will also add many additional vehicles.

What can you do?

Contact us- we need your help! Also contact your elected officials and the media, talk to your neighbors, and join us in opposition to this high-rise development which will have such a negative impact in so many ways on the quality of life we are committed to preserving for ourselves, our children, and for future generations !