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CONTACT US We're building our email list of supporters and concerned-citizens alike who are committed to preserving the quality of life we've cherished for so many years up and down the Palisades for ourselves, our children, and for future generations. We oppose the rampant and excessive overdevelopment of our communities and the threats that overdevelopment poses: significant additional stress to our already deteriorating standing-room-only public transportation systems, exacerbation of an existing parking crisis, increasing traffic on our streets and the resultant dramatic increases in both air and noise pollution, the loss of our views of the river and New York City, the loss of our light and the character of our towns

Please CONTACT US so we can add you to our list of supporters and concerned-citizens. We'll keep you updated on all future activities, developments, meetings.

Please help us expand our base of support.This is the most important thing we can do! Let your friends and neighbors know about the hi-rise development proposed for 67th St and Boulevard East which will dump as many as an additional 100 cars per day onto our overcrowded streets competing for already non-existant parking spots, will add as many as 250 additional commuters to our standing-room-only public transportation system, will cast the homes of local residents who have, in many cases, lived in West New York all their lives in perpetual shadow, is out of keeping with the look and feel of the surrounding community, and is in blatant violation of twenty or so local zoning and building ordinances.

Attend the local meetings of:

a) The West New York zoning board, where the development proposal for 67th St and Boulevard East is currently being considered. We need local residents to show up en masse to demonstrate their opposition, to question and challenge the experts who testify on behalf of the developers- and are being paid by the developers- and to be heard by the members of the board.

b) The West New York Commissioners, where you can speak freely with the elected officials of WNY, including the mayor.

CONTACT US so we can keep you updated on dates and times of all meetings.

Familiarize yourself with the details of THE DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL.