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standing room only
standing room only

Our area is threatened by:

Transportation System Breakdown; Due to overbuilding and overpopulation, bus service is more and more stressed with long lines, standing room only,and particularly difficult for the disabled or aged.

Traffic increasing constantly, unsustainably over time. A clear danger for emergency vehicles.

Overdevelopment; High-rises ruin views of NYC and the river, and destroy the character of our towns.

Parking for existing population in all towns has already reached a crisis level.

Cars, NJ Transit busses and jitneys pollute our environment not only with exhaust fumes but with their noise as well.

We advocate putting a stop to the overdevelopment
being planned along the Palisades.

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zoning board from March 26 , 2014 zoning board from december 1 , 2014
zoning board from November 19 , 2014 zoning board from november 13 , 2014
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zoning board from September 22 , 2014 zoning board from September 18 , 2014
Ken Blane

The proposed high-rise dumps as many as 100 ADDITIONAL CARS ON LOCAL STREETS where it's already virtually impossible to park, at the same time removing parking for an additional 50 or so vehicles. Remember THAT as you circle and circle looking for a spot for your car. The proposed site is the narrowest point on Blvd E, will create hazards for emergency vehicles, and would be the first time two high-rises would be permitted to stand directly across from one another. A very dangerous precedent! THE VARIANCES THE DEVELOPERS HAVE PROPOSED ARE EXTREME AND EXCESSIVE IN NUMBER: Land use, floor area, density, height, coverage, lot dimension, depth, width, front yard dimension, side yard dimension, parking, design related, parking stall size, floor area ratio, and MORE! An addition of as many as 300 commuters to already overstressed transportation systems. Consider THAT the next time you wait in a line to get on a bus at Port Authority or are forced to stand.